Ramadan 2024 Resources for Champions

Coordinating 24/7 prayer for a country or people group has never been easier

How to champion 24/7 prayer

We removed the technology hurdles and time zone challenges to develop a simple tool anyone can use to champion continuous prayer for unreached people groups. On this page you will find:

  1. Steps to get started
    Pick your campaign name and target people/place and launch your 24/7 page.
  2. Customize your landing page
    Make sure your Ramadan Landing Page is customized for the Muslim city, country, or people group you chose.
  3. Build your team
    Identify the people you need to mobilize in order to fill the 30 days of prayer with 24/7 continuous prayer.
  4. Best practices for filling every prayer slot
    Learn from others who successfully filled the entire 30 days of Ramadan with nonstop prayer.
  5. Translation
    Stay up to do date with what translation abilities are currently available to you and how to leverage them for your prayer initiative.
  6. FAQ
    See the frequently asked questions from other Prayer Champions trying do go after the same goal you have.
  7. Key terms
    Find out what we mean by 15-Minute Prayer Fuel, Prayer Campaign Tool, Prayer Champion and more.
Screenshot of the page where you will launch your campaign.

Steps to get started

The Prayer Campaign setup wizard will walk you through choosing a site title and campaign type. It will also let you opt-in to the user agreement. You will be able to customize your settings and landing page for the Muslim city, state, country or people group you choose.

How to Create a Prayer Campaign

Build your team.

You can do all of the roles below or you could begin to mobilize others to work with you.

Church Mobilizer

Who do you know who could promote signing-up to pray in church congregations, Bible studies, Sunday school classes, etc.?

Content Creator

Who could gather or take 30 pictures or short video clips of your people group that would inspire people far away to pray with insight?

Translation Coordinator

What languages would be strategic to have your daily prayer fuel translated into? Who could help you with this?

Intercessor Helper

Who could help intercessors that are mobilize overcome any tech challenges they face in signing up for a time slot or receiving email notifications?

How to cover every prayer slot of the
30 days of Ramadan

Once you have your Ramadan Landing Page launched you are ready to start spreading the word and mobilizing people to commit to pray for the Muslim country, city, or people group God has put on your heart. 

The folks at Pray4Tunisia who used this tool to cover Tunisia in 24/7 prayer for the last 4 years found that sending emails to their email list of prayer partners is an important step. However, just sending a few emails, in their experience, is not sufficient to get them to 100% coverage. They reach out to pastors, missionaries in the country, and friends who use their respective networks to get people to sign up to pray. 

The simplest way to cover 24/7 prayer is to find 96 people who will pray each 15 minute time slot of the day every day. Pray4Tunisia’s 24/7 prayer campaigns in the past often involved around 200 people. Several organizations work together to mobilize people to the Ramadan Landing Page. The people praying get to pick when they want to pray. Your only job is to encourage people to pray and invite others and point them all to your Ramadan Landing Page.

You may need to think creatively, especially for some time slots. One year a friend of the network who worked in a prison ministry got all of the men he disciples in prison to sign up for several of the middle-of-the-night time slots. The more international your list of prayer partners are, the easier it will be to cover all of the 24/7 slots because the 2AM slot where you live, could be 8AM where someone else lives. 

Email example

Join the annual covering of [your people group] with prayer 24 hours hours a day, 7 days a week, for 30 days by signing up for a 15-minute prayer time slot.

This year, you’ll find fresh daily prayer content at [your Ramadan Landing Page URL]. You’ll be led to pray for 30 different testimonies from around the Islamic world, Biblical prayers for boldness, images throughout the Muslim world, and more over [your people group] each day.

[include the URL for your Ramadan Landing Page again]

Email example

Over and over, we have witnessed how powerfully God works through the prayers of His people — you! This year as Ramadan begins in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we know only God can take these circumstances and use them for man’s good and His glory. 

We invite you to join the covering of [your people group] with prayer 24 hours hours a day, 7 days a week, for 30 days by signing up for a 15-minute prayer time slot. 

button (choose a 15-minute slot) [use your Ramadan Landing Page URL]

Email example

88.6% Filled! There are 12 recurring 15-minute time slots available

Help us cover the entire month of Ramadan with ceaseless prayer by signing up for one of the available recurring time slots. If you can’t commit for all 30-days, you can still sign up for as many of the available time slots as you want. 

Each year, we see how God changes [your people group] as His people intercede on her behalf. Every day, this Ramadan, there will be fresh prayer requests for 30 different Muslim background believers, Biblical prayers for boldness, images throughout the Muslim world, and more for [your people group].

[include the URL for your Ramadan Landing Page again]

Bonus Free Design Tool at Canva.com

Canva provides thousands of professional templates, images and quality content to choose from, many of them are free. You can use this tool to create logos or nice looking headers for your email campaigns or social media posts.


You will see at the top of your Ramadan Landing Page that there is now a language selector. So far, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English translations are available for the Ramadan Landing Page and the Prayer Campaign Tool.

If you would like your landing page and prayer campaign tool to be translated into a different language than those that are currently available you can click the Add a Translation button to get started. 

You will need to make sure the “Prayer Campaigns” and the “Ramadan 2024 Content” are both translated into the language you want to use on your site.

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Terms

15-Minute Prayer Fuel:

We included 30 days of 15-minute prayer fuel that follows the formatting in the image below. The bare minimum that you need to do as a Prayer Champion is to find everywhere you see [France] or [French] and replace it with your people group, country, or city. You have freedom, however, to completely replace the content with whatever prayer fuel you want to provide intercessors to use to pray through each day during their timeslot. 

Prayer Campaign Tool:

the 24/7 scheduler on your Ramadan Landing Page. It is what guides intercessors in how to sign up for a time slot and email communications that confirm the time slots. This is also what sends email reminders to those who sign up before their time slot each day with a link to view that day’s prayer content that you customize. The tool is built in Disciple.Tools – a software for disciple making movements.

Prayer Champion:

You! The person who has a heart for seeing a disciple making movement among Muslims and has the persistence to identify and mobilize at least 96 intercessors to pray in 15-minute increments around the clock. The wider you share and spread the word about your 24/7 prayer initiative the faster it will fill up. 

Ramadan Landing Page: 

your customizable web page that you will use to promote and mobilize 24/7 prayer for your city, country, or people group. Examples are: