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Prayer.Global seeks to encourage extraordinary prayer for the fulfillment of the Great Commission using technology.

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A Global Race

We know that every disciple making movement in history has begun with Extraordinary Prayer. Prayer.Global is a prayer platform that has broken the world down into 4,770 states based on geographical and governmental boundaries. When you press the ‘Start Praying’ button, location specific prayer fuel will help guide your prayers for each of these regions. 

When you click ‘Start Praying’ the initial prompt encourages you to pray for at least 1 minute for 1 of the states. Everyone who prays has their prayers added to the Global Race. Praying for all the states constitutes one lap of covering the entire world in prayer. We can see the interactive map that gives us real time updates on who we’ve prayed for and stats on our collective prayer lap status.

Together, we watch the map as our united prayers light up the darkness.

Relay Races


Anyone can join the Global Race at any time, but maybe you want to invite your community together in a special way that shows just your prayers. This is why we created Relay Races.

Prayer.Global Relay Races allow you to rally your network to pray for the nations together, and the platform will still add all your prayers to the Global Race.

Common Use Examples: 

  • At Church – Take 10 minutes during Sunday Service, using the QR code that we provide and display it on your screens. Your congregation points their phones and are taken to your custom Relay Race, and can begin praying together. This has been tested in churches with thousands of simultaneous users, and is a good 1-day challenge that can be done quarterly. 
  • Your Network – Perhaps, offer a 5-day challenge where your staff, donors, friends, or stakeholders commit to pray 1 minute on the first day, 2 minutes on the second day, all the way up to 5 minutes on the final day, which is a 15 minute commitment of prayer during the week. Then, you are generating prayer and high engagement for a short period of time, which strengthens connection and reinforces the shared value of a heart for the nations. 
  • Your Small Group Smaller groups allow the opportunity for longer challenges. A 30-day challenge might be everyone committing to pray for 5 minutes daily, or during the 40 days of Lent. Alternatively, you could commit for a 1-year challenge that you’ll take 5 minutes during every gathering to pray for the nations together. The options are endless and the collaborative practice is meaningful.


Prayer is a fundamental practice that all Christians should have as a part of their life, however engaging in this helps in the following ways: 

  • Fosters a vision of praying beyond their relational network and a desire to see the hope of Jesus made known everywhere in the world
  • Provides prayer fuel that relates specifically to every location
  • Is a meaningful experience of co-laboring for Christ with a low threshold for participation


Quick Start Guide

  1. Go to Prayer.Global 
  2. Click “Prayer Relays” on the main menu
  3. Login to create your own free profile, which allows you to create a Prayer Relay
  4. Chose the type of relay you want based on your needs
  5. Create the Relay and share it with your community