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Initiative Focus
Pray for Indonesia Indonesia
Pray4Alabama Alabama, USA
Pray4Arizona Arizona, USA
Pray4California California, USA
Pray4Colorado Colorado, USA
Pray4Florida Florida, USA
Pray4Georgia Georgia, USA
Pray4Indiana Indiana, USA
Pray4Kentucky Kentucky, USA
Pray4Louisiana Louisiana, USA
Pray4Maryland Maryland, USA
Pray4Michigan Michigan, USA
Pray4Mississippi Mississippi, USA
Pray4Missouri Missouri, USA
Pray4Nebraska Nebraska, USA
Pray4NewHampshire New Hampshire, USA
Pray4NewYork NY, USA
Pray4NorthCarolina North Carolina, USA
Pray4Oregon Oregon, USA
Pray4SouthCarolina South Carolina, USA
Pray4SouthDakota South Dakota, USA
Pray4Texas Texas, USA
Pray4Virginia Virginia, USA
Pray4Wyoming Wyoming, USA
Pray4BritishColumbia British Columbia, Canada
Pray4Italy Italy
Pray4Somalis Somalia
Pray4TheBanjar Indonesia
Pray4Tunisia Tunisia
Pray4Turkey Turkey
PrayMorocco Morocco

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